Called to Serve - Osorno, Chile

Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 23rd, 2014

Well I’m better :).  I feel super-good And I’m just plain happy and excited to be a missionary! You guys are the best parents ever!  And Best siblings Ever.  I am Capitalizing so many letters I don`t know why! Ha-ha But this week was good.  We were still sick in the beginning but we are better now.  I hope you like all the pics!  I loved you guys’ emails this week.  They were great!  Could you send me football updates though! :) Por favor :)  Elder Marshall and I are good; we are sharing with a part member family.  Pamela is the mom and member.  Juan Carlos is the dad and not a member.  They have two little kids that are hilarious.. We had an awesome lesson with them the other day and it was incredible it was so powerful.  Carlos is going to get baptized!  This week was good.  Sorry for the short email.  I got another letter dad thanks!  I’ll be sending one soon.  One thing real quick could you put money on my card.  I need new shoes! :) Thanks for everything you do!!!!  You’re the best family ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 


Elder Robertson

I burned this side but the other ones looked good!  

 There is this place called the Villa Olimpica. It has this awesome court and tons of stuff outside. We played football this morning for 3 hours it was the first sunny day i`ve seen in forever!

..............Devil Cat............ :) 

I'm digging all the american food! :) Best stuff ever!

 Turns out Chile has awesome tunnel Spiders we found this bad boy in our house and fed him a bee.  It reminds me of the spider from Lord of the Rings. :)  I can`t wait to feed it more it was the coolest thing.

The weather has been pretty lame but it's getting better so that's good!  Spring is a comin´! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 16, 2014

Hey Fam,

This week was good.  We had an awesome conference with president and I learned a ton.  He talked a lot about the spirit.  It was good.  The rest of the week was lame.  Ha-ha we got some bad stomach issues.  We didn`t work from Wednesday until now, so that has been interesting.  I think I might finally start to be getting better but we`ll see.  Stomach medicine is weird here and the "local remedies" are even weirder :) Ha-ha thanks so much for your letters they were so awesome.  Dad, your Spanish is awesome just missing some accent marks and Ñ´s :) but considering you're using an English keyboard I'll forgive you! :) Ha-ha.  Sorry for this email our week was pretty uneventful.  We just studied and studied.  We studied a LOT. :)  I read the Pearl of Great Price for the first time all the way through it was really good.  Love you guys so much.  

Love you guys tons!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Robertson 

This is Famly Millaguin.  He served his mission in Alabama!  We ate lunch with them and he made root beer floats!  And then gave me the extra root beer it was so good.  

 This is how we practice. :)

I saw my companion from the MTC.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9th, 2014

Haha, in mission language I'm a dad now.  A mom is an elder's second companion.  Training has been super fun so far.  It's great because all the new missionaries are super excited.  So all I have to do is keep him excited.  It's a really big responsibility!  haha, I'm scared if I do anything wrong, no matter how small, Pres. Obeso is going to come get me! haha 

The rain let up a little bit.  The river that runs through Osorno about doubled in size it was probably inches from spilling out but there was a break in the rain and it went back down a little.  But it's raining again!  We have been working really hard in our house to clean it really good.  It's been treated really badly.  But we are starting to make a difference. 

We met this guy this week.  He wants to get baptized so I'm excited to see what happens. We have been contacting like crazy.  We don't have very many to teach and so we are almost 100% focused on finding people.  Since Elder Marshall is in training, we have a lot more study time so that has been really good. It's funny because I think I'm learning more than him.  We have a small sector but we will do good.  I'm excited!

Congrats on 21 years!  Feel old yet ;) haha that was mean, I'm sorry :) Sounds like you guys had a blast!  It's so cool.  You are the best parents in the world!

That's so awesome grandma and aunt Carla are there; I bet you guys are having a blast!  Tell them hi for me! And thanks for the emails I won't have time to email them.  I like Aunt Carla's idea of a family reunion after. 

I'm doing really good, I think all my health issues were just from stress.  Haha, I've been working really hard to keep stress down and I feel a lot better. 

We still eat with mamita.  Her family is awesome.

Thursday night was funny.  Elder Marshall got up at one to use the bathroom and I woke up at the same time thinking it was morning so I started to pray! haha, He just told me it was one and I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I don't remember any of it very well, I was so out of it. 

Thanks for your emails and everything you do! Love you tons! 

Elder Robertson 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2, 2014

Well we had cambios! Haha, I'm training!  His name is elder Marshall from Orem, Utah!  He is awesome!  A super cool elder!  He kinda talks Spanish so that's been good!  He got here Wednesday and elder Montiel left yesterday so we had a trio for a little bit!  It was cool.

This week has been good!  I'm training now so that's crazy!  It's been fun so far.  With the cambios, my district was changed.  I still have the zone leaders and now I have the two office elders and hermanas.  The hermanas in my district are in a trio.  So it should be interesting! 

This week has been rain filled.  Things are starting to flood but I don't think it will be too bad.  The rain should be stopping soon.  There is a big river in Osorno and it has at least doubled in size!  It's crazy. 

It's cool to see all the changes that are happening in the mission.  It's not things really big but a lot of small changes that are all really cool.  Presidente is awesome! 

Thanks for the pictures dad, it looks a lot like here.  The only difference is it doesn't change here in Osorno. :)  In Utah it's a downpour for two hours but here it's a downpour for days!  It's crazy, today was the first time we saw the sun this week.  Something funny Elder Marshall said when he first got here was, "Wow, we need to take half of this water back to Utah!"  I thought it was funny! 

Dad, I read the part of your email about you and mom feeling old so I wanted to make an old joke but I didn`t! :) haha  I didn't because I realized, wow, I'm getting old! :) 

Well shoot, this email kinda sucks! haha I don't know what to write!  We are working super hard, it's awesome! I'm just tired all the time! haha It's crazy how good I sleep at night. :)

I think that is all for tonight........ I meant now :) haha we are going home to clean and then I am going to take a nap! :)

Love you guys so much! 

Elder Robertson

This was our last lunch with mamita! it was lasagna. it was really good. :)

The first one we were ready for but the second one I didn't know they were taking a picture again! haha

Friday, August 1, 2014

July 26th, 2014

Ellie, It's against the rules to get hurt! :) REPENT, haha, just kidding hope everything is better now.  Hopefully it scars! :)  I have some good scars to show everyone when I get back!  Sounds like young women's camp was awesome!  The spirit is awesome hopefully I have the chance one day.

Thats super cool you and dallin spent some time together!  That's something I miss, I wish we could have done it more.

I'm here to work my guts out.  This last week has been really good.  We worked really hard and started to see blessings right away.

I had a cool Spiritual experience this week.  We were walking and I had a really strong impression to go back the way we came, so we did.  We were walking and we saw a man sitting on the side of the road and so we went over to see what was up and when we got closer we realized his face was covered in blood!  It was crazy. We started talking to him and he was super super drunk!  I think someone had hit him in the head above his right eye!  So we called the ambulance and they came and cleaned his face a little bit.  He didn't want to go to the hospital.  The paramedicas asked us if we could take him home so we did.  It was pretty funny, he was super drunk!  But we helped him and got him home.  And we have his address so we are going to stop by his house one of these days! 

This week has been really good!  A missionary got home last night from his mission to Brasil!  We got to meet him today!  This week for our district meeting I was thinking on what we could talk about and decided we could talk about Preach My Gospel and how we can use it better.  It turned out super-awesome!  And so this week I have focused my studies around Preach My Gospel and it has been super-good.  I wish I would have studied more before the mission, it has everything you need to be a good missionary. 

We were chopping wood this week and a log broke weird and nailed me in the ankle!  It hurt so bad I had hot and cold flashes and almost passed out I think! Haha, but the pain went away and now I'm better!  The weather has been pretty cold and rainy.  I bought a hat!  Haha, I was so mad I lost the other one, I'm still looking for it, I think it will show up eventually.

We didn't do anything fun for p-day today.  We played a little volleyball but that's it.

I'm excited to see what this next week brings.  I've truly learned the importance of hard work on the mission.  I love being on a mission and never thought I'd learn so much.  I can truly say I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his atonement.  I know this is His church. :)  Love you guys a ton!

Elder Robertson

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you guys!  We had a small baptism last week.  Her name is Estrella.  The hermano that baptised her is from the ward.

July 19th, 2014

What's up!  This week was good.  I'm finally getting over my cold!  I have probably lost weight with all the gunk that has come out of my nose!  Sorry, that was descriptive, shouldn't have written it.  Well I guess I could erase it now but I'm not going to! haha Our interviews with president were super-awesome!  He is really cool. Interviews were planned for Monday but president has been so busy we couldn`t.

A cool story that happened is this week there was a conference for youth here in Osorno and it was the youth from Valdivia and Osorno.  Friday we did an activity with them and they got to leave with us and we contacted tons of people, it was fun!  And it just so happened that I got paired with a youth from Valdivia.  His name is Freddy!  It's cool because me and elder Parsons found Freddy!  In my training we found him and started teaching him and then I left.  He got baptised and is super-active and went to this conference it was super-awesome! 

The new callings in the ward sound awesome! Phil is awesome I bet he will do awesome!

We have been working hard and have found some people but nobody is progressing real good at this time. English is really hard today!  I can barely write sentences let alone paragraphs! haha

Well, I lost my hat again but it can only be in a few places.  I should be able to find it! :)

We played football americano all morning long so I'm super tired right now!  We can`t play soccer still but I think president will let us soon.  I'll try to take more pictures of the city, I've been bad at taking pictures! 

Glad everything is super awesome at home good ñuvk (I'm not going to delete that :) I wanted to spell luck)  good luck with your interview dad, hope you pass with an A and a job opens soon!  Love you all lots and lots and lots! 

Elder Robertson

Nana's package, it was good!

This is me next to the mascot of the world cup and me with horns. :)

This is my district. Elder Hawkes, Elder Montiel, Elder Munns, and Elder Me :)

July 12th, 2014

Sounds like your trip was awesome!!!!  That's cool you went to so many temples!  I miss the temple a lot.  I'm going to go to the temple every single week of my life as long as I can!  Temples are awesome.  I can't remember who, but an apostle or prophet said that every temple weakens satan's power in the earth.

This week was really good!  I was worried today because I got on the email and I didn't have your emails. Usually we print the emails off in the morning.  But I have them now so it's all good.  Today was cool, I did my first baptism interview!  It was a neat experience.  The Zone leaders are awesome elders!  We have interviews with presidente this week so that should be really good!  Presidente Obeso is super awesome! 

We worked really hard this week so that was good.  We found some good people and one of our investigators, se llama Andres, got a job! Yay!  That should be really good!  His baptism date is the end of August. 

I got papa's letter the other day!  That was really neat!  I didn't really know papa like that!  Nana's package got here!  I just need to go to the office to pick it up!  It's so nice being here in Osorno!  It was funny, everybody was asking me why in the world I got a package from Scotland! haha 

This week was super good but I got sick! Haha, I think I have the flu!  My body hurts and my throat hurts.  This morning I couldn't even talk!  But I'm starting to feel better!  I'm going to end p-day with a nice nap! 

The new president said if our houses are clean we can play soccer!  I'm excited for that.  I'm sure we will be able to play until some dumb elder gets hurt! :)  Things are really good here, Elder Montiel is a good elder!  We are working really hard! 

We saw the end of the game of Germany and Brasil!  Funniest thing ever!  The final is this Sunday! Germany vs. Argentina!  I can't wait until it's over!  People are insanely obsessed with soccer here!  

Mamita cooks the best food!  It's like a little bit of everything!  And we get dessert!  For the most part I'm staying pretty healthy! :)  With all the wood we chop I'm staying super fit!  I love chopping wood, haha, it's weird but it's fun!

I think that is everything, I'm sure I'm forgetting something because I usually always do!  Thanks for everything, you guys are the best family ever!  I didn't take any photos this week so I will do better! :)

Elder Robertson 

July 5th, 2014

Well not much happened this week. Franke is a hard sector but I'm learning lots.  We had four family nights planned for this week with members.  They were going to invite someone and we were going to bring someone too.  But in all 4, all the investigators canceled! But we had some really cool family nights with the members so that was good. 

I fell again this week. haha.  My shoes don't have any grip and so if it's a slippery surface and it's wet... I fall. :) We were walking on a crosswalk and it was raining and as soon as i put my foot on one of the lines -Bye- haha it was funny.  We chopped lots of wood this week so that was good!  I like chopping wood!  We have started to play rugby on p-days in the stake center here so that has been really fun. 

We met president Obeso last week he is super awesome!!!  He is really cool.  He will probably let us play soccer!  He is going to be a really good president!  He is really loving and awesome!  I'm excited! 

This is a picture of me before the last game of Chile in the World Cup!  And a picture of the zone with presidente Obeso.  His wife is really cool too! 

The weather here is pretty cold and rainy.  There has been one day of sun in my time here!!!  I really like that there are so many people in the streets!  And I love our mamita!  She makes the best food in the world!  It is so good!  I'm sad I have to wait until Monday to eat over there! 

That's awesome that the Stadium of Fire was good!  And Dallin got a job! 

Sorry there isn't more, not much happened this week! haha hopefully this week is better!! :) 

Elder Robertson 

This is our house! It's awesome!  It's so big, I need to take more pictures.  
Our address is Los Leones 153

Just chopping wood!  It's crazy how much more I'm on the phone now!!!! haha