Called to Serve - Osorno, Chile

Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 28th, 2014

This week was good. The Sisters got moved to another city to open a sector. And so the sector here doesn`t exist anymore, haha, so now in our district it's us and the lideres de zona.  It's funny. 

With Chile we got permission to watch the soccer games of Chile!  So that's been really fun.  They just finished playing against Brazil but lost.  So we probably won't watch anymore games.  It depends on the new president.  Thursday we said goodbye to president Rappleye.  He left today, I think, and for sure the new president is here!!  It should be good I will probably get to see him this next week.  It will be interesting to see how things change. 

I like my sector a lot.  It's really small.  We don't have anyone to teach so we have been working really hard with that.  We contact a lot of people and we are trying really hard to work with the members to get references.  We have started to find some people and so I guess that's good. :-) 

Osorno is great!  It's really cool being in the center of everything.  We played rugby this morning and it was really fun.  There is a store here called Jumbo, and it has DR. PEPPER!!!!!!! and ROOT BEER!!!! Haha, it's awesome!  It's weird how many people are here!  There are always people in the street.  People aren't too friendly but we work through it! :) 

It's awesome how fast I get things here!!  I got two of your letters dad and a letter from nana! 

Our house is super big but really cold!  It's just us two and we have a wood heater.  I love chopping wood!  It's weird but I love it.  The house doesn't heat up very well but we do ok, I guess. :)  Not too much has happened this week.  Just lots of hard work and, yea, haha, pretty much that.   :) 

I haven't seen Elder Beals, I think he might have been transferred but don't know for sure.  He was in Porvenir before me.  He was super super sick for awhile! 

Sounds like things are going super good for you!  July 4th should be good, that sounds exciting! 

I can't wait for football updates too!

Well, I think that's all.  This should be a super good week, I'm really excited. 

Elder Robertson

Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 21, 2014

I got my package!  But it was weird, I got it in Punta arenas!  It took one month to go from the house to Punta Arenas!  Thanks for everything!  The hot chocolate was really good.  We drank all of it in Punta Arenas! :) The Crunch bars are gone but they were good! :)  The hat is really awesome too!  Thanks for the pics!  I like showing people my awesome family! 

Osorno is awesome!  Our house is huge!  But super old and kinda sucks!  haha  But it is massive, almost as big as our house I think!!!!  I haven't taken any pictures yet but I will.  It's sad because we don't have a gas heater! Just wood!!!! haha I already burned my hand :)  The trip down here was really good, but long!  We took a plane from Punta Arenas to Puerto Montt and then a bus to Osorno!  It's so much different, everybody is in the street! It's crazy how many people are here!!!  The Ward I'm in is called Francke haha weird I know! :)  It's awesome the members are the strongest i`ve met in chile!  

So I have another funny story..... :) haha so after traveling here I was super super tired and so we finally got here and got on a bus to go to our sector.  So I had my suitcase and it was pretty heavy.  The bus stopped in our sector but far from the curb so I tried to step from the bus to the curb and made it!  But just barely and the suitcase was heavy enough that I couldn't stop going forward!  haha So i tripped over my suitcase and fell :) it was pretty funny. 

Being district leader is weird Tuesday I'll probably have to do a district meeting!!!!  It's funny, in my district I have hermanas!  It's weird talking on the phone with them.  Their names are Hna Rodrigez and Hna Ball.  And I have the zone leaders!!!! crap! :) Elders Hawks and Munns.  It's funny doing numbers and stuff I have no idea what I'm doing i just go with the flow and so far everything has worked out. Thanks for all the advice! I've been pretty worried but reading your emails really helped out. Thanks! 

P-day was awesome today we played sports!!!!!  It was fun but I haven't ran for a really long time! :) Its crazy how busy it is here but I love it there is so much going on! :) 

Elder Montiel is really cool. He is from Argentina. He was baptised  two years ago!!!!  He is awesome.  It's really funny because he the exact same person as brandon! haha like I really think they might be the same person!  It's cool he is funny.  He has three months in the mission.  It's kinda weird, all my companions have been young in the mission.  Every single one has had less than a year!  I'm really excited to be here in Osorno it is really awesome! 

Tell aunt liz and them that I love them  I've been terrible and really need to send a letter! 

What other changes have happened in the ward?

Thanks for everything you guys are awesome! love you tons and tons! :)

Elder Robertson

 One of the members in Por Venir is in the Navy.  I look like a soldier don't I?  Haha :p

 Elder Cariqueo had some suspenders!  I like 'em!  :-)

 This was President Carcamo and his family.  He has a daughter in Washington D.C. on a mission!

 This is the mamita de PorVenir!  She is awesome!  I gave her your email and she said she wills end a picture of the whole family because they were all gone.

  This is Elder Cariqueo and Elder Parsons, my trainer.

 These are two volcanoes you could see from the airport in Puerto Montt!  It's super pretty, too bad you can't see them from where I am.

 This is our Capilla (Osorno).  It's awesome!!!!!  It's two stories high and it's really big.  Our ward and another ward meet in it.

This is Elder Montiel and Elder Robertson :) our mamita is AWESOME!  I'm going to get super fat here! :) haha This was desert! It was a banana with manjar! Manjar is the greatest creation in the world! It's like caramel but awsomerer (thats not a word but it sounds cool:) This is the son of mamita his name is Martin!  He is the funniest kid ever! We are best friends! :) haha 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Elder Robertson's new P-day will be on Saturdays instead of Mondays, so he will be able to read and send emails on Saturdays.

June 16, 2014

I'm getting transferred!!!  It was funny, we were teaching Saturday at like 4:30ish and the phone rang and it was president!!!!  So I answered and he asked how I was and if I thought I was going to have a cambio.  Haha, I really didn't think I was going to be transferred so I said no.  He just laughed and said, "Well, you are." :) I'm going to Osorno!  It's a sector called Franke.  So that should be really fun.  My new companion is Elder Montiel; he is from Argentina!  I'm going to be his "mom" :) his second companion.  He just finished training.  And I'm going to be district leader.... we'll see how that goes.  I'm not really sure how to be a leader.  So it should be crazy!!!!  My sector is really close to the misión home that should be good!  Osorno is a little different, so my p-day will be Saturday!  I'm going to have two p-days this week!!!!  Sweet! I'm kinda bummed to be leaving Porvenir/Punta arenas, it's weird to think that I might never come back in this life!

I have liked this área a ton!  We have lots of really awesome people that are going to get baptised once they come to church.  We didn't have any investigators come to church this cambio but we reactivated some menos activos.  Yesterday, a menos activo came to church and hasn't been in a really long time.  It was awesome!

The thing that I'm excited for is there are lots of stores in Osorno.  So I will be able to buy food!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It should be really interesting.  Next month I have a year in the misión and this will be the first time I go to the center of the mission!  It will be really nice because I'm right next to the office so I will get packages and letters fast! :) The weather here is really cold, haha, it's getting lots worse but todavía (still) no snow!  So that's a bummer, it's really dry here so it's just cold and nothing else.  The ice is really bad! :) Osorno will be really rainy but I think the temperatura will be like it was during summer here in the south. Haha, that's weird!!!

Sounds like your class is really fun dad!  A lot of work but its what you like, cierto?  Who is the other teacher?  Is it Mr. Manwaring from Copper Hills?  He talked about a class like that but I can´t remember. :)  Losing weight is good, dad!  I'm too skinny, so I'm trying to gain a little weight but I can´t!  I'm excited to get pics.  I've started to enjoy taking pictures a lot!   

I've liked being in a small ward a lot!  The only thing that is hard is nobody does anything because everybody just waits until the missionaries do it!  But it's awesome, I gave 5 or 6 talks in my 3 months here!  There were a couple of times I was the only speaker. :)

My trip to Osorno should be really good, I'm really excited, but super nervous, haha, I have no idea what I'm going to do as a leader!

Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Elder Robertson

June 9, 2014

Hola. This week was hilarious!!!!!!:) haha

First story: So my companion, Elder Cariqueo, and I were walking doing some contacts and he passed gas.  It was so LOUD!!!!!!! hahahaha :) and then we realized there was a lady right behind us... I was trying so hard not to laugh. haha He did really good at just acting like nothing happened and we just kept going!  I think I almost died of laughing.

Second story: The weather has been pretty bad lately and it is really icy!  So we were walking down a hill and we were joking about falling... and he hit a really icy patch but didn't fall.  He looked back and started to say be careful it's icy, but before he could finish I was on the ground.  It was an epic fall!  Now my leg hurts haha :) I don't think anyone saw, so that's good.  I wish someone had gotten it on camera.

It was a good week.  A couple of weeks ago we contacted a kid in the street; his name is Ariel.  He told us where he lived and said we could pass by.  He has some problems.  So we passed by and his sister answered and we were talking to her and it was good, she has some problems too but not sure what.  We were just talking when all of a sudden she looked at me and said, "Wow, you are really beautiful!"  I was trying so hard to not laugh and then she asked, "Do you have a woman?" haha  That was probably the funniest thing that has happened on my misión.  But i lied to her and said yes!  She just said, "Oh, that's too bad." and went on talking.
This was a really funny week.  Church was good.  At 10:00, when it was supposed to start, there were 3 people there, including us! :) But, by the end, there were 21!  It was a good Sunday.  We got the call Saturday night before we went to bed and they asked us to give talks!  So i gave a talk again :) we didn't have any investigators come to church so that was a bummer but we are still working hard with people.

You'll have to keep me updated on all the changes!  That's interesting!  I'll let you know when I get letters, usually it takes lots of time!

Its crazy!!!!  I will know by next p-day if I'm staying or leaving!  I think I'm leaving, but we will see.

Jose is Elder Cariqueo's first name.  This cambio started May 5th.

You guys are the coolest family ever! love you tons!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Robertson

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Thats crazy another school year is over!  1 more and I'll be home!  Crazy right!!!!  So this week was good!  We did a lot of walking!  I think i might put that every week.  This week the zone leaders came to Porvenir and we did splits with them.  That was really fun, I was with Elder Goobler.  He is 6´8´´!!! haha, it was fun.

Jorge and Lila: Still haven't come to church but yesterday we had a really good lesson with them about acting on our faith.  It was really good, they are really awesome!  Really we just need them to come to church and I think they will be baptised.

Franco is awesome!  We found him a couple weeks ago knocking doors and we started to teach him.  He is ateo (atheist) but kind of a fence sitter, he doesn´t really know if God existe (I can't remember the word in English) or not.  There have been lots of miracles happen with him and it's really cool.  He prayed the other day for the first time in his life.  The only bad thing is he got a new job.  He works 20 days outside of porvenir and has 10 days of rest!!  He left Sunday, I think.  

We have a lot of other people but those are the people we are working with a lot. The world Cup starts soon so that should be crazy.  Chile just passed a law that you can't work during the games that Chile plays in, ha-ha.  And if you do work you have to be within seeing distance of a TV!  I'm not sure what we are going to do during the games.

It's been really cold!  This morning it snowed a little bit but it didn't even stick.  Thankfully it hasn't been windy, so that's been good.  It's nice because here in Porvenir it's super-dry, I think it has rained 3 times since I've been here.

Nana emailed me the other day and she said she was going to write me!

Things are pretty much the same here.  We are working hard.  That's all that counts! :)

I always like getting pictures!  It's cool!  I have printed a couple off so I can show people my family!

Well shoot, sorry I can't think of anything else to write!  Thanks for the emails, you guys are awesome!!!!!