Called to Serve - Osorno, Chile

Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 21, 2014

Easter was really good, I got an incredible amount of chocolate eggs!  Elder Powell doesn't eat junk food so he gives it all to me! haha

This week was really good the beginning of the week was super-cold but the past couple of days have been great!  Today is super rainy so that's a bummer, but whatevers! haha thats not even a word!

This week was really hard, but super rewarding, but super hard!  Nobody really wanted to talk to us, it was funny.  There are 3 evangelical churches here and one of them is super anti-mormon and they are all super funny people ha-ha.  We found a lot of people from that church this week we even found the pastor or whatever you call their leader.  I've decided it's pretty hard to fight against the true church it doesn't work very well :) ha-ha!  We had a family night activity friday and it was super-awesome, a bunch of people came and we had a lot of investigators there!  It was neat.  We found some really cool people this week and made contact with a lot of antiguo investigators.  Last night we were walking home and this car pulled up beside us and asked us if we wanted a ride.  They looked kinda scary so we said no :)haha but they told us where they lived and turns out they are awesome!  They were sharing with the missionaries and they moved so they lost contact with them, but they seem super cool so we are going to try to pass by today!

This was a super good week and we had at least 7 people that said they would go to church!!!  But none of them came!

It was funny, we ate lunch with a member family and they have a daughter that is 8 and she was talking to us about the easter bunny and if he had passed by our house and so we were joking around with her and said no because we forgot to send our address changes to him! haha it was funny!  I joked around with them that Dallin just ate everything Haha.

Well it sure sounds like you guys have had quite the exciting and busy week!  My week was kinda slow and difficult but we endured and worked hard and it worked out real well!  We gave talks yesterday in church, that was really fun, the two of us had to take up like 50 minutes!

Well shoot, I don't really know what else to say!  Hope everything works out super great and everyone is healthy soon :) ¡Les Quiero muchísimo!

Elder Robertson

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week was good we went to Punta Arenas for interviews with president Rappleye. It was super-awesome.  That was my last interview because next cambio we have a conference and then after that he goes home!  We left Thursday night (on the ferry) and it was a super smooth crossing but it was pitch black, so that was pretty creepy.  The water is scary at night!  We came back Saturday morning and it was awesome; it was kinda rough but I took some awesome pictures.

This week was good; we have a lot of people that we have started to teach.  Pedro is in his mid-40´s we have taught him the restauración and he accepted it well.  It’s hard to find him because he works a lot but we challenged him to be baptized the 10th of May so we will see what happens.  He has read from the Book of Mormon and he really likes everything so far.

Last Friday for conference this lady ran out her door yelling after us so we stopped and talked with her and she has been menos activa for a long time because of work.  She has a daughter that lives with her named Johana and her husband Ernán and they have another daughter who has 12 years. The daughter’s name is Natasha and she needed help with English homework so we set up a cita and it worked out really good!!!  Elder Powell taught her English and I taught Ernán and Johana the first lesson and they are awesome!!  We challenged them to be baptized to the 10 of may también.  They are super, super, cool!  We have a visita with them tonight so I hope it’s good!

Things are just working out really well I love it here a lot!  We are finding lots of people and teaching a lot so it’s been really cool!

I´ve been really tired this week because of the trip to Punta Arenas but it was good.  I bought a ton of food!  Ha-ha.  I took money out because we got permisión from President to go on a trip!

There is a place on the island that emperor penguins live!  Right now I´ve heard there are about 130!! They live there year round but normally there isn´t so many!  So I’m not sure how much it will be so I took some more out just to be safe.  The only problema is we need to find someone to take us there ha-ha so we are looking.  But I really hope I can do it, that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry my email isn´t that good this week, I sent lots of pics so that kinda takes time and I don´t know what else to write!  I’m really glad you are all doing super-awesome and I love you all a ton.  Your surgery will be fine mom!  And you will get an assistant-principal job when the time is right, don´t worry dad!  There is our time and the Lord’s time!  The Lord wins every time :) ha-ha.

If you could, I need more socks :).  The ones I bought from Nike, they are my favorite and I wear them a ton, so I need another pair! :)  And a crunch bar :) ha-ha.  I think that’s everything!  And another hat if you could!  I didn´t have the time to look for one in Punta Arenas and they are crap here.  Thanks for everything and tell Ellie I’m really sorry I didn´t write her this week.  I feel kinda bad not emailing Dallin and Ellie better.  I should be a better brother

Love you guys tons!

Elder Robertson

I love this place, they make good stuff.  This is a lemon pie!

We walked out into the campo the other day to the airport which is 5 kilometers away. There wasn´t much. There is a Little bit outside the city but we usually don´t leave the city.

I had no idea! (there are flamingos)

Pictures of the Barcasa (Ferry)

 And sheep. there is a ton! There is a Factory here in porvenir that kills 2,000 sheep a day!

Best saying ever!!  (I want to live my life in such a way that when I wake up in the morning Satan says, "OH NO, He is awake!")

Elder Powell kinda likes cooking, ha-ha.

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hi family!  How ya'll doing!  This week was great; we taught a ton and found lots of cool people.  We invited 5 people to be baptized this week but only one person said yes!  His name is Pedro but, we will see, he is a really cool guy he is just a little too much into soccer :)  This week was really awesome and conference was a huge highlight!  The earthquake was pretty crazy and there was a big tsunami warning; I’ll talk about that in a minute it’s pretty funny.

Conference was amazing!  I loved the priesthood sesión!  It was great and super spiritual.  I liked all the talks so much; I have almost ten pages of notes!  It was different because I watched it in Spanish!  Sometimes it was really hard to understand.  It’s cool because Richard G Scott translates his own talks!  I really liked the talks of Uchtdorf and Monson.  It was just an amazing conference.  I’m pretty sure we invited close to all 5,000 people living here to come to it. Ha-ha nobody came!  Ha-ha, Our branch president and his family and one other family were there!  Not a lot!  That was frustrating!

We have lots of investigators and we found a lot of people this week so I’ll keep you updated with them!

So with the whole earthquake thing, FUNNY STORY.  So it was way up north so super far away but there was a tsunami warning that went to the whole country.  Tuesday night we were in a cita with a menos activa teaching her and I saw it on the news for a second that there had been an earthquake.  But I didn´t really think anything about it and we finished teaching her and left for our house.  That’s when all the fire fighters and paramédicas started going lights and sirens and everyone was freaking out so we ran up this hill to see if there was a fire but we couldn´t see anything.  We just watched the fire fighters drive all over the city.  Then we heard megaphones and stuff.  Ha-ha, this is the funny part, so it was kinda hard to understand what all the fire fighters were saying but we heard, “this is a false alarm” so we just thought that’s weird they’re driving around saying that but whatever!  So we just went back to the house and did our planning for the day.  We thought it was weird because the entire time the sirens were still going off.  That’s when are leaders called and told us there was a huge earthquake and a tsunami warning and we had to be in safe zone.  Ha-ha Our house is up on a hill so we were fine and nothing ended up happening but we found out the next day that the entire lower half of Por Venir had been evacuated and the fire fighters had been saying, "This is NOT a false alarm" ha-ha we just missed the "not" part.  But nothing ended up happening and we were fine. Pretty crazy though! Ha-ha

Por Venir is awesome!  It is super beautiful and I love it, the people are super friendly and it’s great!  I love it here.  So I found out that they used to take the missionaries out during winter but they don´t anymore ha-ha so I’ll probably be down here for a while :)

Sorry I didn´t say anything last time but that picture you found is where I live!  It is awesome!!!!!!   It is easily one of the best houses in the mission!  Our branch President’s name is Carcamo he is awesome!  He has a daughter on a mission in Washington D.C.  He and His family are awesome, they have a bunch of chickens that are always running around the yard.

Elder Powell is awesome; He is an awesome missionary and we get along great he is super diligent and is a great missionary.  He is way cool.  He is addicted to soccer so we are always talking about soccer.  Ha-ha he is really cool!

The work is going super good here in Por Venir; I’m super happy and excited!  We have lots of people now we are just trying to help them progress.

I don´t know if I mentioned last time but we have a mamita!  So we eat with her every day and she is a way good cook!  I might get fat here... :) jk  We run to the church every morning and play soccer and exercise so I’m good! :)  Ha-ha, finally I had a whole week of health it was great!  Today we get money for the month, I’m happy I was getting low on food ha-ha I eat way too much!

Mom those pictures you sent were crazy!  They did a lot!  I’m glad you feeling better!

There was something I wanted you to send but I can´t remember what it is now, I will keep thinking and maybe have one or two things for next week!  There are really nice hats here, just in Punta Arenas!  This week we are going to Punta Arenas for interviews with the president so I’m going to try to buy one there.
That’s awesome the missionaries were over!  How are they doing?  How is the Ward?

I got one picture of the boat ride but I slept most of it, Elder Powell was with me.  Very rarely do people travel alone.

Well thanks for everything family you are awesome!!!!!!!

Elder Robertson

Elder Powell and I

The Ferry Ride Over

On the Ocean

Our Chapel

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Earthquake Update

There was a very large earthquake in northern Chile today (8.2).  After checking it seems that Elder Robertson is very far from it.  Chile is so long that he is about as far from where the earthquake was as Florida is from California, so no worries.  He will probably be disappointed that he wasn't closer to be able to feel it.

March 31, 2014

I'm finally feeling better!  I'm not sure if it was the flu or food poisoning but I don't think i've ever been that sick in my life!  It sucked but I'm way better now.

Puerto Porvenir is awesome!!!!!!!!  It's super tiny but i love it.  We crossed [the Strait of Magellan] Thursday at 9:00 in the morning.  We had pills so we just slept the whole time.  It was really smooth when I was awake.  It was kinda creepy the whole time; it was super, super foggy!  But it was a good crossing.  The other elders had a super bad crossing a couple weeks ago.  They were showing me videos and pictures.  I'm sure glad it was calm.

Por venir is super small and the branch is tiny!  This week was our branch conference and with all the leaders from the stake and us missionaries, we had 28 people!  Our church building is tiny!  You could probably fit my church building in the gym of your church!

I'm sure I will be down here for a while because usually the president takes the missionaries out of Por Venir for the winter.  But we will see.  It is so cold here!!!!!!  I'm dying! Ha-ha.  I lost my hat in Rio De la Mano so the next time I go to Punta Arenas I will probably buy one :)  The weather has been cold and a Little rainy which is weird because people say usually it's super-dry. 

It's only me and Elder Powell here! Ha-ha.  We go to Punta Arenas about twice every three months!  Just for Conferencias and interviews.  Food is really expensive so we usually buy as much as we can when we go to Punta Arenas.

The people are super friendly here, so that has been cool.  We share with a lot of people but we don't have a lot progressing.  We do have one girl that is about to turn 18 that is progressing really well.  So hopefully we will baptise her.  Her name is ljubica, I don't know how to say it either, her ancestry is from Croatia!

Elder Powell is super awesome.  He is from Heber, Utah and likes playing soccer!  We are from the same group so I know him from the MTC.

Por venir is awesome, I love it so much!

So I'm not really sure, but my card reader just doesn't work anymore.  So I don't know what's up.  I'll try to use the wire next week but I don´t know.  I'll keep my eye out for a new card reader, I guess.  Que Raro!  So lo siento, I will try to send pics next week:)  Love you guys a ton.  I'm super glad everything is going super good!  Those pictures of your foot are crazy!  Hope the recovery keeps going well!

Elder Robertson