Called to Serve - Osorno, Chile

Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Glad everything is going good.  President Rappleye comes down here every cambio.  It’s interviews and conferences, it switches every cambio.  Feb. 16 Elder Ballard is coming!!!!!  But not to Punta Arenas, I’ll just get to see him on television.  Kinda a bummer, but oh well.  One of our investigators just got mad because we were talking about marriage and he works a ton so we didn't get the chance to teach him this week.  ________ and her son are good and they came to church this week!  That was good.  Just got to work with them towards baptism.  It’s crazy to think the cambio is over in two weeks!  Time has been going by a lot more rápido!  (“Cambios” refers to transfers, when some missionaries are moved to new areas, happens every 6 weeks).

That will be so cool [that you are going to trek]!  Trek is awesome!  That’s really cool you’re going to do it mom!  Just make sure you get used to walking.  The second day is really, really hard but I know you guys can do it!  The bishop’s wife does our laundry every p-day, so that’s nice.

I’m not sure about Torres del Paine, I’m pretty sure this mission is one of the lowest missions in the world for baptisms, so we will see if we get a trip.  I hope so!

That’s a good idea about starting fresh.  It’s been really good, so far I haven´t had a bad day yet!  I love it so much.

I've worked a lot on Spanish and it’s been great.  I’m working on subjunctive and that is ridiculous!  But it’s good.

We found a lot of really cool people this week so I’m hoping that they will all work out.  Things are good here, they might split my sector this next cambio so there would be two more elders in our house.
There is a guy in my ward that had a super bad stroke on the 31st of December and he can barely walk, but he went to church this Sunday!  I sure wish all the people that are menos activa could see him and the example he sets, it was the coolest thing ever!

I’ll probably have to buy shoes in a little bit but I think I might have a month or two. This week was really good. I’m tired!  This next week will be super awesome I love you guys a ton and you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with everything and how is your health dad? Better?

Les Quiero Mucho!

Nos Vemos Elder Robertson

 I Found It!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is my favorite mini market bread store thing its awesome!!!!!! SO GOOD!


 This tree was awesome!  Ha-ha the wind this week has been crazy!

Last night's dinner.

Elder Mcdonald

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

This week has been good.  The beginning of the week was awesome and we taught a lot!  I had my interview with the mission president, that was good.  He is cool and super in-tune with the spirit, it's awesome. 

So funny story about _________ and _________.  We saw ___________ in the calle(street) the other day and talked to him a little bit and he really wanted us to come over.  So we set up a visita and we went by.  It was cool, him and his mom told us how something was missing in their lives the week we didn't pass by and he told us he got an answer about the church and it was super awesome.  So we have a visita with them today and I hope everything is good.  I think he will get baptized the in February!  That was really cool.  He is 17 and he is really gangster, it's kinda funny.  But he is really wanting to change his life for the better.  He said one day when he was praying it was like a mountain was dropped on him!  So now we are just preparing for baptism!  He is awesome.

_________ is his mom.  They live alone but sometimes there is another one of her kids there.  She is awesome, just not looking as hard as her son.  I think once he is baptised she will follow. 

We passed by another investigator a ton this week but never could find him home.  He is awesome and if he was married he would be baptised.  But his girlfriend doesn't want marriage.  I hope we can teach him this week he is awesome!  He is 25 and they have 3 kids.  The youngest has a lot of health and mental problems but they are all awesome!  He was a gangster but now he is pretty much a saint!  It was really cool watching him turn his life around. 

Those are the people that we work a lot with, we have lots of other people but none as serious as them.  I was kinda bummed, we had a bunch of people committed to church but none came, I'm bummed about that.

We passed by the old lady we gave the blessing to and she had died but they said she was really happy and after the blessing the pain went away so that was cool, just sad!

It's really cool because there are 3 people from my MTC group here in Punta Arenas!  I see them a ton, it's cool.

Puerto Natales is about 3 hours away but, yup, it's in my zone Elder Sanchez went up there.  I´ve heard its real awesome!  I hope I go up there!! (This was in response to a question about the city and someone that a member of our ward knows that loves there).

I really hope the Broncos win.  Peyton Manning needs more super bowl rings, he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time!!!!!!!  I'm bummed football is almost over, I love the updates! 

Well, things are super awesome here!  I'm mostly healthy haha.  We had a huge spider in our house the other day, that was fun.... 

Elder Robertson

 This is where I beat everyone in Ping Pong - ha ha

I almost got blown off my feet on this hill, The wind is Ridiculous!!!!!

I got banana bread from Sister Rappleye for my birthday!  It lasted about 3 and a half seconds!

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

This week was great!  The spirit was so cool!  Our investigator, Miguel!  He had two super awesome spirit-filled lessons with him!  The first one we read Alma 7:14-15 and gave him a picture of Christ being baptized.  It was one of my favorite lessons in the mission!  We did a lot of just sitting there feeling the spirit, it was great. Last night we went over to Erica and Sebastian’s with two members from our ward and the visit with them fell through again so I had the feeling to go by Miguel’s again.  But I almost didn´t say anything because we have a cita con el hoy día pero pasamos y fue un super buena lección!  Yo y elder McDonald hablamos casi nada!  Hmo. Bruno y Hmo. Ivan fueron increíble.  And now they are best friends already it’s super awesome it was the coolest thing ever!  TRANSLATION (But I almost didn't say anything because we had an appointment with him today but we went by anyway and had a super good lesson.  Elder McDonald and I hardly said anything!  Brother Bruno and Brother Ivan were incredible.)

But for the highlight of the week!  So Friday morning we were out contacting up in a neighborhood, that doesn´t look right, una población, and it sucked.  No one talked to us and this one guy we talked to just yelled at us.  So I had a feeling we needed to go to this big street that goes through our sector.  I didn´t really know why but we went and were contacting some people in the street, just walking along, when this hermana (sister) ran out of this side street yelling "Élderes",  "Élderes" my grandma needs a blessing.  So we ran in and gave this old lady a blessing and then left because there wasn´t a man there so we couldn´t stay.  But as we were leaving, the lady that ran out told us she was a member of a different ward and she had been praying all morning that the elders would walk by her house!!!  Crazy!!!!  We just happened to be in the right place at the right time!  That was a pretty awesome testimony grower!  It was really cool. Made my week :)

This week has been awesome.  I’m getting better at talking to everyone!  My Spanish is better this one week than my whole mission because I’ve HAD to talk ha-ha.  It has been so good.  Me and elder McDonald are pretty much already best friends.

There was so much this week that was awesome, this week was great.  I have learned so much the last little bit!  I’m just happy.  I’m doing well!  This weekend was kinda tough cause we were both kinda sick but the spirit made all that better.

I’m super glad to hear that everything at home is great!  Glad you’re feeling better, dad.  I was thinking and maybe you don´t have an assistant principal job yet because you still have lives to change as a teacher!  Good luck mom when the phone calls start to come, just deal with mad people with love but don´t be afraid to stick up for yourself.  Some people need a good slap in the head through the phone. Some people, not all :)

I’m bummed for the Colts.  Now I know what it feels like to be a BYU fan.  There´s always next year..... ha-ha.  The Seahawks never make it this far, they will crack, and the 49 will get another chance! :)

A membership at a gym will be cool for you guys.  Right now I’m working on pushups.  Right now I’m at 32 ha-ha, but every day I add one more and I’m going until I can do 100 in a set!

I’m not sure why there are so many less actives here.  I can´t figure it out.  But it’s weird.  There is a meeting in Febrero in Osorno and every stake president, bishop, and branch president has to be there from the south of Chile.  That’s kinda weird but I’m excited.  It’s probably a pretty big announcement!

Well, I believe I hate English.  I can´t spell anything! Ha-ha!  Well, I think that is everything.  I love you all bucket loads :) you’re the best family in the world!
Elder Sanchez and I

Some stuff I found laying around the house.

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Well, sorry no pics this week.  The computer I'm using won't work for some reason.

My week was pretty good.  Cambios were good.  Elder Mcdonald is pretty cool, he is from West Valley, it's funny because he is really good friends with the Petits in Aaron's ward!  In the field he has 6 months and I have 4 and a half!  It's crazy, together we have less than a year!  But it's all good.  He`s cool this is going to be a good cambio.
This week was good, we had an activity to read the Book of Mormon in 5 months with our ward, it was really good.  It was planned for Saturday but there were like 15 people there, including the families of the bishop and 1st counselor.  So we rescheduled for yesterday and about 30 people showed up.  I was kinda frustrated, but we ended up doing it and it was really good.  I decided right before the activity that I was going to be fun and excited so I was and it was really fun and great!  It's crazy because there are 731 member names in the computer system for our ward!!!!!  On a good Sunday we have 70 in church but that hasn't happened for a while, its frustrating.  But, oh well.

Logan is dating a marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha-ha. That's the funniest thing i"ve ever heard!  But cool!  Tell him I always wanted an aunt that was a marine!  That is flipping cool!  I'm glad everything is good at home!  This week was super slow because of cambios so I don't have much to write about!  The weather has been really cold here!  Driving to centro it hailed a ton!  It was insane!

I'm having trouble thinking ha-ha fasting is difficult, all I can think about right now is food! ha-ha

Dad, looking at the picture you sent I think I've discovered your true calling in life.... model!  That's a cool look! :) ha-ha That is an awesome pic thanks!  It's awesome the family could be together!  I can't believe how fast time is going!  A year ago I was in school! 

My birthday was fun, we taught a lot and I got a lot of abrazos or hugs.  I got home and ate a ton of sugary cereal it was good!  I eat a ton of cereal, it's so great because some of it is American and it's all just delicious and fast!  I love food! 

This week we are going to make a baptismal calendar for ________ and _______, that should be good.  Well I think that is all for now I love you all so much.  Get better dad and good luck in work!  

Elder Robertson

Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 30, 2013

Skype was awesome, it made my Christmas.  Christmas was fun, we sang to some members, sat in the house reading/studying, and went over to the 1st counselor in the bishopric's home, that was fun they are an awesome family.

Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas!  Dallin and Ellie are the luckiest people in the world!  Pillows! I would die for a good American pillow. ha-ha

Spanish is going good.  I like it, it was really good having Elder Sanchez as a companion.  I learned Spanish pretty quick!  I don't know if I dream in Spanish because I don't remember the last time I had a dream!  Thanks a ton for the quotes, I like reading them.  They are all good, solid, spirit filling advice, I love reading them a ton.  I'm learning a ton on the mission it's so great, I love it.

Cambios are this week on Wednesday!  My new companion is going to be Elder Mcdonald!  I'm excited, it will be good.  Elder Sanchez is going to a city called Puerta Natales and is going to be a district leader!

Well, I'm doing good.  Not sure what else to write!  Don´t worry about another package!  I'm doing good.  I think that's all for today. Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Elder Robertson 

Me and our ward mission leader, hermano Jorge Diez

This is Miguel on my right and Obispo (Bishop) Pablo Millapinda on my left!

This is the son of Miguel, our investigator.

This is hermano Bruno and his wife.  He is the 1st counselor in the bishopric.  They are an awesome family.  We spent Christmas with them and we are going over again New Year's Eve.

I'm just changing sooo much. hahahahaha

When people get frustrated with their computers in Chile.

December 23, 2013

This week has been great!  One of the Seventy came and we had a conference with him. All he did was give us palos about not having baptisms.   We are going to try and work with our ward a lot because all we have is a bishop, a first counselor, a young mens president, a relief society president, and a mission leader, that's it. We need some callings!  It's crazy, I can't believe the ward functions!  Wow, I am frustrated, ha-ha oh, everything will work out.

We had our ward Christmas party Saturday, that was really fun.  We had an investigator and tons of menos activas.  I'm super excited to Skype!!!!!  It's going to be tomorrow about 4 or 5 my time.  Not sure what time it is there.  We are going to use a member's computer in our chapel.  I think it has good internet so hopefully it works well.  We have 45 minutes!  I'm really excited.  If you guys want, you could write out questions or you don't have to write them just in your head.  But things you want to talk about so we have things to talk about!  I'm super excited!!!!  We can call for 5 minutes if it doesn`t work out to situate it but we can't talk if it doesn`t work.  Just have to do it another day if it doesn`t work out.  Mañana a las 4 o 5 in la tarde para Skype!!!!

This week was a lot of walking!!!!  Tons and tons of walking!  We had some pretty good lessons.  I had another inter-cambio con Elder Dower.  He is from my group in the MTC.  He is way cool.  It was really good for me cause I was forced to do almost all the talking.  Spanish is good, I'm working crazy on vocabulary.  It's so hard because I can't remember anything. haha Bakàn!!!  I love getting letters, it's cool!  I think it takes about a month for letters to make it down this far.
The weather has been really nice this week i've just worn a long sleeve shirt a couple times.  For p-day we usually clean after studies and then email.  After that, we shop and buy food.  The past few weeks we have gotten together with the other elders and played ping-pong and basketball.  Today we are playing ping-pong again.  I love ping-pong so much!

I've had a lot of really cool realization moments (I think he means "Enlightenment") where I learn a lot in a cita (appointment) or when Seventys are angry.  I have learned so much through the spirit this week and the past couple of weeks, it's cool to be led by the spirit and have opportunities just pop up.  The food is pretty similar to Valdivia, a lot less beans and potatoes here but more chicken.  THANKS FOR THE ONERA tambiem (also) it's so good, I put it on everything, FLAVOR!!!!  It's awesome, I think Punta Arenas is pretty modern, it has its nice parts and its not so nice parts.  I've figured out what a developing country really means.  It means people can live like Americans if you have bucketloads of money... so nobody does.  It's strange, the houses are either giant mansions or slums.