Called to Serve - Osorno, Chile

Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th, 2015

This week has been pretty good.  We are working hard so that has been good.  He only has like three weeks left.  Church was good yesterday.  We had 43 people.  I want to get the attendance up to 50 while I'm here. 

We have been sharing with a guy named Elias he is 18.  He has shared with missionaries before and is pretty interested.  He is really cool.  We are also sharing with Hna. Pilar's ten year-old daughter Romina.  It's really funny sharing with a kid but I like it.  You have to use lots of pictures and talk REALLY simply.

This week should be good.  We have lots of plans to find people and work HARD! :)  Tuesday we are going to do exchanges with the elders in Panguipulli.  Elder Hilton is going there and I'm going to stay here in Lanco with Elder Garay.  When I was in Francke, Elder Garay came back to the mission.  He had left to take care of some things at home and ended up coming back!  He is really cool.  We are good friends.  He is from Paraguay so his accent is really cool. 

My week has been normal.  I'm tired today!  I'm excited for another awesome week!  Love you guys tons!!!!

Elder Robertson

p.s. The Patriots are the biggest cheaters ever, I hate them! haha

Sunday we went to the house of family Aguilera.  They live way out in the campo.  They have 35 chickens!!  I thought that was pretty crazy.  They also have a bunch of sheep.  They made really good food.  Hno Aguilera is a really funny guy.  He was telling us stories about all his UFO experiences.  Ha-ha.  It was a really nice lunch.

This is where we live.  We live on the second floor and there are two people that live below us.  It's an okay house, haha.  I want to move but the problem is there is nowhere to move to in Lanco.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 19th, 2015

Hey fam.

Elder Hilton is a good guy.  He goes home this cambio and is a new zone leader so I have to train him.  He is from Alpine, Utah.  I think it would be hard to go to a new sector for the last cambio.  It will be good though, he is a good missionary.  It's funny because we think completely different.  But it's ok.  Sometimes we have different ideas but when we put them together things have gone pretty good!

This week we did lots of traveling!  Elder Beals left Tuesday and so I went and stayed the night in Panguipulli. Wednesday we went to Valdivia for the rest of cambios.  I was in Valdivia from 9 in the morning and then we finally got back to Lanco at 7:30-ish!  Friday we had our leadership meeting with president in Osorno but there weren't buses early enough so we had to go to Osorno Thursday! Haha.  We got back to Lanco Friday at like 7.  We traveled a lot!!!  But it was all good.  Thursday we stayed the night in Franke so I got to go see some people.  That was neat.  The leadership meeting with president was really good.  The whole meeting was about what it takes to be a good leader.  I really enjoyed it and learned lots! 

Ok, so I only took two pics this week!  Haha, I've gotten so bad!  This week I'm going to take a good picture with Elder Hilton and 10 other pictures! Haha, I had to set a specific goal or I won't take pictures!  Haha, I always forget.

We walked out in the campo a little bit this week and found tons of houses and people.  I realised I didn't have pictures so I took some! 

Football!!!!!  I hate the Patriots :).  That would be crazy if the Seahawks win it two years in a row. 

Elder Robertson

(Here are some pictures that a family in Keenan's area sent us)

January 12th, 2015

Ok, sorry mom about not explaining the visa thing better.  Everything should be fine.  I have to go to Valdivia every Friday to sign a book until they fix it.  I won't get sent home early or anything.  They said it would probably be 15 days-ish.  I just had to fill out lots of forms and stuff, it wasn't anything too crazy.

This week is Cambios!  It's pretty lame because we still don't know the cambios but I know that Elder Beals is leaving.  He is going to Coyhaique.  I don't know who is coming here.  This cambio has gone by really fast.  I can't believe how fast things are going.  I've had a little cold this week so that's been lame.  But I'm finally getting better.  Today we are going to play sports for a little bit. 

That's crazy the Colts won!!!  I hope they beat the Patriots.  I don't like the Patriots.  Peyton Manning is the best player ever.  He just doesn't do good in the Playoffs/Superbowl. 

Oh hey, the AP´s just called, I'm going to be with an Elder Hilton.  I think I have met him a couple times but I'm not sure.  This is going to be a crazy week of Cambios! :)  I'm starting to get a hang of this Zone Leader thing, I think :).  Love you guys tons! 

Elder Robertson 

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5th, 2015

Going back to school must be super exciting! Ha ha It won't be too bad.  Maybe a job for assistant principal will open up!  That would be cool.

Football sounds awesome!  I'm glad the Colts won.  It seems like Andrew Luck is playing pretty good from what I've heard.  Broncos and Colts should be a good game!  We'll see what happens this year!  College Football sounds good, hopefully eventually they make the playoffs better but even this is better than before.  Oregon and Ohio State will be a good game.  I bet Oregon will win.

Brother Allred will be a good leader for the youth.  How many youth are in the ward now?

This week should be good.  Friday afternoon we have interviews with president Obeso.  It’s been super-hot here!  It’s hard to sleep at night because it just doesn't cool down!  Ha ha, I’ll try taking more pictures this week I just forget to do it!

I had a good birthday!  On Friday we had to go to Valdivia because I had to do Visa stuff!  So it’s kinda hard to explain because it’s a really long process but the mission office gave me my passport with the new visa in it late and so the police had to take my passport and everything and I have to go to Valdivia every single Friday to sign at the police station until they fix it. Ha-ha, it was pretty funny.  I’ll get a ticket too but the church will pay for it because it’s not my fault.  So that was funny and now we have to go to Valdivia every Friday!  But the good thing is there is a McDonalds in Valdivia!  So Friday, for an early birthday present, I bought McDonalds.  I think I will buy McDonalds every Friday!!!  

It was really great to talk to you!  I’m glad that everything is going so good!  I hope that you have the greatest week ever!

This week was cool; we had intercambios with the asistentes to the president and it was really good.  We learned lots.  We worked really hard this week and taught a lot.  I'm really excited for this upcoming week it should be good!!!!

Love you all!

These are pictures of Christmas.  The picture with President Obeso is the activity we had where we gave out Books of Mormon.  The other picture was us eating ice cream right after we Skyped.

 This is me and Beals in one of the many bus trips.  And the other picture is right before the New Year's Eve PARTY!  Ha-ha, just kidding, we had to be in the house by 9 on New Year's Eve.  But it was still good.

December 29th, 2014

Hey Family!

It was great to talk to you.  It was really neat.  Ellie really does play the piano really good!  I'm so glad everything there is going so good.  So I finally got pictures to send I just switched the memory card and it works.

This week was good.  It was funny because Saturday Elder Beals lost the phone.  We ended up finding it Sunday morning in the church.  After church we ate lunch with the presidente of the branch who lives like half an hour away in the campo.  And Elder Beals left the phone in his house!  Ha ha.  So we lost the phone two days in a row.  But we have it again now so all is well. 

Saturday we had our Christmas/New Years activity.  It was really good.  We ate a lot.  The wife of President Jara took tons of pictures so I'm going to give her your email and she is going to send them.   

I was just looking at pictures that nana sent me and it looks like Dallin has a smart phone!  Does he? :) 

I will take lots of pictures this week and send them to you guys.
Love you!!!!!!!