Called to Serve - Osorno, Chile

Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Well, sorry no pics this week.  The computer I'm using won't work for some reason.

My week was pretty good.  Cambios were good.  Elder Mcdonald is pretty cool, he is from West Valley, it's funny because he is really good friends with the Petits in Aaron's ward!  In the field he has 6 months and I have 4 and a half!  It's crazy, together we have less than a year!  But it's all good.  He`s cool this is going to be a good cambio.
This week was good, we had an activity to read the Book of Mormon in 5 months with our ward, it was really good.  It was planned for Saturday but there were like 15 people there, including the families of the bishop and 1st counselor.  So we rescheduled for yesterday and about 30 people showed up.  I was kinda frustrated, but we ended up doing it and it was really good.  I decided right before the activity that I was going to be fun and excited so I was and it was really fun and great!  It's crazy because there are 731 member names in the computer system for our ward!!!!!  On a good Sunday we have 70 in church but that hasn't happened for a while, its frustrating.  But, oh well.

Logan is dating a marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha-ha. That's the funniest thing i"ve ever heard!  But cool!  Tell him I always wanted an aunt that was a marine!  That is flipping cool!  I'm glad everything is good at home!  This week was super slow because of cambios so I don't have much to write about!  The weather has been really cold here!  Driving to centro it hailed a ton!  It was insane!

I'm having trouble thinking ha-ha fasting is difficult, all I can think about right now is food! ha-ha

Dad, looking at the picture you sent I think I've discovered your true calling in life.... model!  That's a cool look! :) ha-ha That is an awesome pic thanks!  It's awesome the family could be together!  I can't believe how fast time is going!  A year ago I was in school! 

My birthday was fun, we taught a lot and I got a lot of abrazos or hugs.  I got home and ate a ton of sugary cereal it was good!  I eat a ton of cereal, it's so great because some of it is American and it's all just delicious and fast!  I love food! 

This week we are going to make a baptismal calendar for ________ and _______, that should be good.  Well I think that is all for now I love you all so much.  Get better dad and good luck in work!  

Elder Robertson

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