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Elder Keenan Robertson is serving in the Osorno Chile Mission as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Robertson left on July 16, 2013 and will return sometime around July of 2015. Missionaries have a limited time to respond to all the E-mails and letters they receive so we will include here some of his letters home so that friends and family can keep up to date on how things are going for him and his ministry among the wonderful people of Chile.

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

This week was great!  The spirit was so cool!  Our investigator, Miguel!  He had two super awesome spirit-filled lessons with him!  The first one we read Alma 7:14-15 and gave him a picture of Christ being baptized.  It was one of my favorite lessons in the mission!  We did a lot of just sitting there feeling the spirit, it was great. Last night we went over to Erica and Sebastian’s with two members from our ward and the visit with them fell through again so I had the feeling to go by Miguel’s again.  But I almost didn´t say anything because we have a cita con el hoy día pero pasamos y fue un super buena lección!  Yo y elder McDonald hablamos casi nada!  Hmo. Bruno y Hmo. Ivan fueron increíble.  And now they are best friends already it’s super awesome it was the coolest thing ever!  TRANSLATION (But I almost didn't say anything because we had an appointment with him today but we went by anyway and had a super good lesson.  Elder McDonald and I hardly said anything!  Brother Bruno and Brother Ivan were incredible.)

But for the highlight of the week!  So Friday morning we were out contacting up in a neighborhood, that doesn´t look right, una población, and it sucked.  No one talked to us and this one guy we talked to just yelled at us.  So I had a feeling we needed to go to this big street that goes through our sector.  I didn´t really know why but we went and were contacting some people in the street, just walking along, when this hermana (sister) ran out of this side street yelling "Élderes",  "Élderes" my grandma needs a blessing.  So we ran in and gave this old lady a blessing and then left because there wasn´t a man there so we couldn´t stay.  But as we were leaving, the lady that ran out told us she was a member of a different ward and she had been praying all morning that the elders would walk by her house!!!  Crazy!!!!  We just happened to be in the right place at the right time!  That was a pretty awesome testimony grower!  It was really cool. Made my week :)

This week has been awesome.  I’m getting better at talking to everyone!  My Spanish is better this one week than my whole mission because I’ve HAD to talk ha-ha.  It has been so good.  Me and elder McDonald are pretty much already best friends.

There was so much this week that was awesome, this week was great.  I have learned so much the last little bit!  I’m just happy.  I’m doing well!  This weekend was kinda tough cause we were both kinda sick but the spirit made all that better.

I’m super glad to hear that everything at home is great!  Glad you’re feeling better, dad.  I was thinking and maybe you don´t have an assistant principal job yet because you still have lives to change as a teacher!  Good luck mom when the phone calls start to come, just deal with mad people with love but don´t be afraid to stick up for yourself.  Some people need a good slap in the head through the phone. Some people, not all :)

I’m bummed for the Colts.  Now I know what it feels like to be a BYU fan.  There´s always next year..... ha-ha.  The Seahawks never make it this far, they will crack, and the 49 will get another chance! :)

A membership at a gym will be cool for you guys.  Right now I’m working on pushups.  Right now I’m at 32 ha-ha, but every day I add one more and I’m going until I can do 100 in a set!

I’m not sure why there are so many less actives here.  I can´t figure it out.  But it’s weird.  There is a meeting in Febrero in Osorno and every stake president, bishop, and branch president has to be there from the south of Chile.  That’s kinda weird but I’m excited.  It’s probably a pretty big announcement!

Well, I believe I hate English.  I can´t spell anything! Ha-ha!  Well, I think that is everything.  I love you all bucket loads :) you’re the best family in the world!
Elder Sanchez and I

Some stuff I found laying around the house.

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